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Next Generation Commerce Solutions : Small Business Consulting and Advisors, Managed Email Marketing, Website Development, Google Advertising, Order Fulfillment Services


Commerce Solutions:

  • Managed Email Marketing Services
  • Website Development and Management Services
  • Managed Online Google Adwords and Google Shopping Marketing Services
  • Small Business, Importer, Manufacturer, Specialty Retailer Inventory Storage and Fulfillment Services
  • Small Business Consulting Services (managing retail and service businesses since 1978)

At Next Generation Commerce Solutions, we recognize that business and commerce has changed, and our focus is the "now" and "tomorrow"... the future generation, with knowledge of today and experience from the past.


Consultants, Advisors & Mentors:

With our experience in:

  • Transportation, Drayage and Trucking
  • Auto and Commercial Truck & Trailer Parts
  • Construction & Material Sales
  • Civil Engineering
  • Real Estate Management
  • Retail Brick & Mortar Stores
  • e-Retail Online Stores
  • Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart Marketplace
  • Specialty Mail-Order Catalogs
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Graphic Design for Banner Ads, Newspaper & Magazines Ads, Catalogs, Postcards
  • Specialty Manufacturing
  • Toy & Gift Catalogs and Buying Groups
  • Ecommerce Website Design - Magento Specialist
  • Database & POS Software - Filemaker Pro
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Google Adwords & Shopping Marketing Campaigns
  • Order Fulfillment - Inventory Storage, Pick & Pack, Shipping
Whether you are looking for advise from a seasoned Consultant with actual first hand experience, to help mentor your business, a Web presence, help with Advertising, or a Powerful Marketing strategy and campaign, we have first hand experience and are able to understand your needs from your perspective. See our Consulting & Advisory Services page.


At Next Generation Commerce Solutions, we can create Commerce plans including an Advertising or Marketing Plan, Web Presence or Order Fulfillment Plan to fit your needs whether you are a Startup, Small Business, Corporation, Service Business, Specialty Retailer, Importer or Manufacturer. 

- Example: We can take your specialty services, and promote them in multiple email marketing campaigns, featuring different services in each campaign, and link the services, with "For More Info" buttons, to your existing website platform or a new custom built website.

- Example: We can take your best sellers in your new product line, and promote them in multiple email marketing campaigns, featuring different products in each campaign, and link the products, with "Buy Now" buttons, to your existing ecommerce website platform or a new custom built website.

- Example: We can assist Specialty Catalog Buyer's Groups and Member Retailers in online digital marketing campaign strategies to coincide with their printed catalog direct mail campaigns.

- Example: We can take your Product Line or Specialty Catalog ... to Digital Images ... to a complete Email Marketing Campaign ... adding Google Shopping marketing ... driving customers to a Specially Designed Website ...  offering Inventory Storage ... and performing Order Fulfillment.

We bill by the project, usually on an hourly basis, and in most circumstances - No Long Term Commitments or Yearly Contracts.

Even if you already have a website, or send out your own emails periodically, or only have a few product skus, or are just starting out ...
With our services, our team can handle the marketing to order fulfillment, allowing you to concentrate on your business ...
Helping you grow your business!

Below is a live operating sample of our website development work that processes many orders everyday:
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